Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello World - Or, What am I getting myself into?

Hello world!

That's the text printed by the first, simple, elementary program I ever wrote in the Pascal programming language; and my first C program did the same. It signifies a beginning.

I've been reading blogs for weeks now, after never reading blogs before. I adore all the creative and descriptive names that folks have come up with. I've been fascinated by all the stories, philosophy, entertainment, information and just plain NEAT STUFF in the blogs. One daughter has been urging me to write, for years she has been urging me, and I have been resisting. I've tried writing in a journal, and it just doesn't happen. Before today I said, a blog? Who? Me? Nah... Never happen.

Today, I came up with a title I really like: The Incredible Gift. This phrase resonates. It reverberates pleasantly in my mind; it inspires me. These words symbolize all the good things that have come to me, over the years. In addition, I think this phrase is a suitable honor for my daughter, she who touched many lives. All the good she has done, all the happy memories she left me with, every wonderful thing she leaves behind is, at least in my mind, truly an incredible gift.

So, look out, world. This is my blog, and I've just begun.

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Anonymous said...

Never say Never and I am GLAD you started this blog !

xxx Hug xxx