Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Do I Miss Thee? Let Me Count the Ways. I

I miss Margret hugs.

When someone offers me a hug these days, I almost never turn them down. I can always use the hugs.

I don't get nearly so many hugs now, because that was one of the things Margret did: she hugged. She hugged me, she hugged other family and she hugged her friends. She liked being hugged as well as giving out the hugs.

She'd hug me in the morning, before she left for her program. She'd hug me when she got back, too, and other random times during the day.

I got special extra hugs when I tucked her into bed at night, too.

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cable said...

Oh I remember those hugs too - and I can aee you both by the door, hugging hello. Kia Kaha Mama