Friday, April 10, 2009

Happier Days

I have been happier this past week, consistently, each day, than I have been in a long time.

Part of it is due, I'm sure, to last weekend's visit from one of my daughters. Part of it has to do with longer days, sunshine and warmer weather. Part of it has to do with an email I received from another daughter. It moved me to tears, and made me smile through them.

I took a walk down the hill with one of the neighbors. She is trying to get back into shape after being laid up a while. A walk is more fun with company.

I stopped and took a couple digital photos of the twin linden trees on the hill. I discovered that if I use the viewfinder, I can line up the utility pole with the vertical and the cable with the right horizontal of the crosshairs. I took the photos standing at the joint in the curb next to the utility pole across the street with a thick cable protector running up it. THAT means I can take more pictures from the same spot and layer them to make a time lapse of the tree going through it's year. If I can remember to take my camera with me on walks at least once a week.

Let's have a YAY! for spring, for neighbors, for activity, for new projects and most of all, for happiness.



Helen said...

Yay, Mama!

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

Thank you for the YAY!
and for being you.