Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

This is the first Mother's Day without Margret waiting to pounce on me as I emerge from my roomlair in search of morning coffee, and wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

I missed that little sweetness.

She also plotted with her respite companion to pick out a card, or make one, and pick out a small present. I remember telling her that her hugs were a better present than anything money could buy. This is still true, I'll just have to accept that my Margret hugs will come by proxy from here on out.

The lovely C stopped by for a short visit today. That was sweet. Also sweet was the phone call from D. She called on my birthday to wish me a happy one, and said she was short of minutes, (for her phone, although, with her children, she is also short of uninterrupted minutes to talk as well) so she would wish me a Happy Mother's Day at the same time. I was glad to talk to her; I don't seem to get to talk to her very much.

Talking to my daughters, and my grandchildren, and my husband, and my friends, makes me happy. I am happy that we had so much of Margret, and for so long. I still miss her, but the sadness of missing her is not always so up front these days. I can enjoy the bright sunshine and the pleasant breeze. I can enjoy watching the swoops and dives and soaring flight of a swallow. I can enjoy making something pretty (stay tuned for photos of the leather rose), and helping others learn.

I'm alive, and I like it that way.


Merle said...

The loss of a child is an unnatural part of life. We are to out live our children and when they are taken from us the onset of grief is more of a pain -- heartbreak.
I well remember our chats and still remember Margret's giggle, it will be a treasure for me as well.


Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

I remember thinking that Margret's giggle is therapeutic. I still have that sound clip. I should listen to it more often.