Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Margret!

It's Margret's birthday today. She would be 39 this year.

Margret would approve my day's activities. I got a TDaP booster since I can't remember the last update I had, and am planning some travel. I'm catching up on some paperwork (a chore, ick, but chores gotta be done). I'm making some earrings (Yay, a FUN activity!). And I'm eating sensibly.

She would also be happy that on Monday I called the church number to talk to the pastor who came to visit her in hospital. He was away on vacation, so I left a message with the secretary thanking him for his visits, thanking the membership for their prayers because that meant a lot to Margret. He had asked if there was anything else, anything at all, that they could do for Margret, and I responded it would be a help if anyone willing would donate blood in Margret's name to replace the blood products she used. I've been told that as a cancer survivor I should not donate. And I said thank you to those who donated.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie! We still miss you, and we remember you with love and fondness.

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