Saturday, December 13, 2008

Do or Not Do, There is no Try

To quote Yoda, there is no try, either you do something, or you don't do it.

Me, I sometimes make an attempt, fall short, scrap it, and make another attempt. Sometimes I don't scrap what I consider yet another unsuccessful attempt, and the not me portion of the world thinks it's OK. That always surprises me. But I digress.

In my case, I guess I am not doing. *sigh*

Writing is not coming easily to me now. Maybe there is too much to say, too many topics to choose from, too little motivation to just PICK ONE and write about it. I can't pick just one reason, or one theme/topic/subject.

Husband and I are going to the 9th Annual National Children's Memorial Day Candle Lighting Ceremony on Sunday. I'm looking forward to another formal remembrance for Margret.

And now for something completely different:

BILL are a band in the Boston area. I found mention of them on Unringing the Bell. Thanks Tricia.

They even have a MySpace page with some music playing on it.

But what, you ask, is so special about this band that you post about it in your Margret space?

Firstly, the lead singer has Down syndrome.


Secondly, he isn't some adorable little kid. He and his brother are men, in their forties.

It's different for me to think of a man with DS as the front man for a band. Margret liked music well enough, but her singing was not great, definitely not front man quality. Mine isn't either, but that is another story.

Here we have yet another career open to persons with the inclination to pursue it, whether they have the normal count of chromosomes, or whether they have an additional one in the 21 set.


Anonymous said...

I love that quote " do or not do, there is no try"
And soemtimes there is just too much to do and we do not.

Checked out their space.. listened the song " all my heart and all my life " and it actually made me cry... so touching...

* Hug , Kiss and I will be there too in mind * xxx

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

*hugs back*

Thank you.