Sunday, June 28, 2009

High School Graduate

When Margret was in High School, and getting ready to graduate, her teacher suggested she compose a speech for the commencement ceremony. She asked me to write the speech for her; I refused and had a little chat with her teacher. So, she and her teacher worked on the speech together. I asked how the speech was coming. She told me "It's a surprise," and gave me a bright smile.

On the big day, dignified in her bright gold cap and gown, she stepped up on the box placed behind the podium to bring her four foot eight inches high enough to see over it, surveyed the auditorium and began.

I wish I had a transcript of her speech. I remember it as being thoughtful and moving, but I cannot remember exactly what she said.

Her choice of a graduation present wasn't what the average graduate would choose, either. She wanted a photograph of everyone who came to her graduation. After the ceremony ended, we piled in the cars and headed over to the photographer. Two of the party members had to go, delivering papers and baby sitting, if I remember right, and I might not, so they didn't make it into the photo. Sorry. But there we all were, the rest of us: Margret, her father, her sisters, B's boyfriend, me, my husband, one of the girls who lived across the street.

Yes, she invited her father to come to her graduation. She is the only one of his daughters who did so. He came by bus. When I mentioned he was going to ask the bus drivers where would be a good place for him to stay, another daughter suggested I let him stay in our house. I was surprised, but checked with the other siblings, and with my husband, and it was agreed. He stayed with us.

As I drove to the bus station for him to head back home, he said he was glad I'd married my husband, calling him "someone the girls can look up to". Upon my return, my husband said nice things about how fascinating the father was, and how well he spoke. Yes, I was pleasantly surprised that they got on well with each other.


Helen said...

Uh, you're misinformed on the item regarding who invited Pop to graduation. He was invited to mine and chose not to attend.

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

Sorry, I was thinking "high school graduation." Wasn't that college graduation to which you invited him?