Friday, June 5, 2009

Margret's Pill Learning Hint

We all need a nudge in our memories from time to time. In my search through assorted saved papers, I came across a page with the following written out by hand. I can always recognize Margret's printing when I see it.

I make lists to help remember everything I'm planning to do in a day. I have a pen and a square note block by my bed, because I often think what I need to do in the next day as I'm getting ready to sleep. - Margret's mom

I take pills in the morning and in the evening, plus one in the late afternoon. Mom thought it would be a really good thing if I knew what I am taking. My mom took a photo of my morning pills and labeled the picture in photo software with what each pill is. She took another picture of my evening pills, and labeled them, too. That's how I learned exactly what I'm taking. - Margret M.

As it happens, I remember an occasion when I handed the pill cup to Margret, and she said, "Mom, should there be two of these?" I looked, and replied, "No. Good catch!"

There was another time when the pharmacy changed suppliers for one of the generic medications. The pill changed shape and color. I got them home, opened the bottle to start setup for the next week and freaked out. I called the pharmacy and spoke to the pharmacist, who apologized. I wasn't notified about the change because it happened right after I had picked up the last month's supply. The pharmacist thought I already knew.

That night, Margret picked out the new pill and asked, "What is this?"

"Good catch," I said, then told her the change story.

I think all our kids should know what they take, and what it's for, to the best of their ability. And if there are medications that they should NOT have, they ought to know about those, too. Good reason to have a MedicAlert bracelet or necklace as a backup.

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