Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Darling New Baby Girl and Mom Need Some Help

I made an Edit to remove links because the post about baby Claire is gone from the other end of the link. I don't know how baby Claire is today because I didn't keep checking the links over the years.  It made me to emotional to go back and read again...   But my point that sending cards can put a little extra "bright" in someone's day when they are most in need of it is still valid.  If you know someone who needs a card, send one, or someone who needs a phone call, pick up the phone and dial. The amount of effort you are giving is worth ten times that (at least) to the person on the other end.

Please go here and read about baby Claire, who was born with an extremely rare heart condition (same link as on Crystal's page, if you want to see what the problem is while you are still here), and her mom Jen. There's even a photo of darling little Claire.

Crystal (I'm sending you to her blog) has a Donate button at the top left if you wish to help with finances, and has posted an address so you can send a postcard with good wishes.

When Margret was in the hospital this summer, the cards she received brightened her day. Jen can certainly use a little extra "bright" in her days.

Yes, and read the comments there, too. Don't feel a need to apologize if all you can offer are prayers. good wishes, good vibrations or the like. It all helps.

What? Why are you still here? Go on, Claire's picture is waiting for you there!

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