Sunday, October 12, 2008

Margret's Kids

About 5 years ago, I was chatting with a friend, a Florida teacher of bilingual first graders, mostly immigrant, mostly poor. We were talking about some of the way she made learning, and especially learning English, more fun for her kids. Viewmaster viewers and reels with educational themes helped interest the kids in learning, but she only had 2 viewers, so it was a long time between turns; if only she had a few more.

Margret wanted to help, so we went shopping for viewmasters. She picked out 2 viewers, and 2 sets of reels. I bought an extra set of reels, and we sent them to Florida.

Our friend the teacher was on beyond pleased, as I'd only mentioned one viewer *chuckle* and her kids were thrilled.

Margret received a thank you from all the children. SHE was ecstatic!

The teacher and I spent less time online at the same time, and gradually lost touch.

Recently I received this from the teacher:
I'm SO sorry that I'm late in learning this! My students over all these years that Margret has supported..sent love gifts..greive for her! You and all the family are in our hearts & prayers.

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