Sunday, October 26, 2008

Margret feet with Bunny

Here is a story in pictures of Margret and baby bunnies.

I stepped outside intending to take the recycling out, and saw a mommy bunny and several babies on the lawn and walk in front of the house. I called Margret to come see the bunnies. She came outside and sat on the step.

"Bunnies! Aww, cute!"

Then I took the recycling bin out to dump in the outside receptacle, going wide around the step in hopes of not scaring the bunnies... and the bunnies ran. One ran right behind Margret's feet, and sat very very still, hiding.
Poor bunnies didn't like how the recycling made loud rattling and banging noises. I told Margret not to try to touch the bunny, but the noise sent the bunny quivering against her feet.

"He's so SOFT!" she exclaimed.

I spotted another little bunny bun bun sitting in the grass at the edge of the driveway, so I took my camera, lay down on the driveway and zoomed in on him. Good optical zoom on this old camera of mine. Camera lens was about three feet from bunny.

One more picture of little bunny hiding himself behind the feet, and tickling Margret.

Mama Bunny didn't seem very concerned. She sat on the dirt and rocks at the end of the street, perhaps thirty feet away from her babies. You may have to click on the image and see the larger version of it to pick out Mrs. Bunny, who is in the center of the picture.

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