Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fearless DUKW Driver

In August of 2000, my daughters and I were together at C's apartment near Boston. D had flown in from school in the midwest, and she, Margret and I went on the DUKW tour of Boston. There comes a point in the tour when your vehicle goes down an incline and into the water.

This is the point where the driver asks all the little kids aboard if they want to steer the DUKW. After the two small ones had turns, and the driver was looking for another victim volunteer, D was sitting behind Margret pointing at her with both hands, and bouncing with eagerness. It took a little persuading, but soon Margret was guiding this 7.5 ton amphibious vehicle down the Charles River.

{edit}I was informed that these pictures were AFTER the bridge. And, that if you look closely in the round mirror (bumper view mirror?) you can see the bridge BEHIND us. Also, if you look in the rear view mirror, the eyes, eyebrows and dark hair belong to D.
Can you see the bridge up ahead? Yes, there is one, hard to see because when we got closer, I didn't take pictures. I was just glorying in Margret's delight as the driver said, "This is where I usually take back the wheel, but you go ahead and guide her through."

Cool as a cucumber and ten times as pretty, Miss Margret took the driver's directions like a pro. Just had to get a shot from the side so you could see the look on her face, just loving her chance to be behind the wheel, and having a BIG vehicle doing her bidding.

Margret relinquished the helm with a smile, and the tour continued back onto dry land, and back to our staring point. A car tried to cut in next to us as the DUKW turned into the driveway. There was a crunch, and the driver swore. He had looked all around before the turn to make sure there were no cars up to close, and one had to go sneak in and dispute territory. The DUKW hardly noticed, and the car sported a crumple.

And here she is, Margret's DUKW, the very blue Waterfront Wanda, high and dry after we all disembarked.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story!
I LOVE the pic where she is behind the wheel ! Her face, OMG , so so Happy And Proud! hehe ;) xxxx