Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Margret and her sisters

I'm going to make this brief, because it's three months since we came home without Margret. And it still hurts.

Just look at all the lovely smiles.


kittyconcerto.com said...

Oh Sweetie.... I'm sure it hurts, and I'm so sorry for your pain. And I know that she must have blessed all of your lives.

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

*hugs you*

Thank you. It does, and she did.

LeslieLFauvelle said...

What a beautiful picture of your girls Anne. Margret's smile was truly contagious.

╪►Suzy ◄╪ said...


Yes, Adoring all this wonderfull smiles.

{*Kissing the screen - Special Kiss for Margret* }


Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

Thank you.

I happen to agree that this is a very special set of wonderful smiles.

Oh, and I forgot to credit this photo to the camera of C, who kindly sent it on to me. Thanks, C!