Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Margret's Crafty Mama - Earrings

My sister in law taught me to turn a loop in the end of a wire headpin, and so started me on my nefarious career of making earrings and suchlike from beads of various persuasions.

I have taught a number of other people how to turn the loops to make earrings and bracelets and whatnot, and had a request that I make a video showing how I do it.

Here, courtesy of daughter C loaning me her video camera, is me demonstrating how to turn that simple loop.

OK, moving right along, I have two more videos for you, if you have the interest, and the patience to watch them. This next one is me making the dangles for a pair of earrings.

and then me making a second pair of earrings all the way through.

So sorry about the telephone ringing. I'll have to try doing it over again.

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