Saturday, October 11, 2008

Livin La Vida Loca, or Margret in New York City

One of Margret's desires was to go see a live concert by her favorite singer. We did that. And here is photographic proof. Note: Margret did not normally use a wheelchair. The distances we intended to cover on foot in the city, and at the speed we intended to travel, she would have been exhausted and miserable, so I rented one. The folks at the rental place cheerfully added holders for TWO oxygen tanks on the back, so we had the one in use, and a spare. Thanks guys!

Margret got to see Times Square in the rain. Not exactly dancing in the rain, but you are encouraged to use your imagination.
She got to see a police man riding his horse.

She went sight seeing on the Sightseeing bus.
She got to look down from the Empire State Building to see the world spread out below her
but she much preferred being inside the gift shop, picking out something to bring home and gift to her friends.

She got to tour Radio City Music Hall

She got to pose with a real Rockette.

Margret got to see her favorite Latin singer at Radio City Music Hall. Live and in concert. She was thrilled.and to visit, and pose, with other Ricky Martin fans.


Liz said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for your thoughts that you left on my blog. You really summed it up much more beautifully than I did! It is really a beautiful privilege to be able to listen to my patients' stories and worries. I hope that I can at least give them a measure of comfort even if I can't do much personally to help them. I do my best with providing them referrals for appropriate services, but sometimes the best thing is to just listen.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful stories of your daughter. I've only read a few entries on your blog but I plan to revisit and read more.

Ann of the Incredible Gift said...

You're welcome Liz.

Appropriate services are wonderful, but sometimes just a little bit of comfort can mean a great deal.

I'm glad you stopped by, and I welcome you back any time you want to read more about my daughter.